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Earn Commission from Protocol 3 Cultivation

Earn Commission from Protocol 3 Health & Wellness

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Protocol 3 Cultivation

Terms and conditions apply, subject to approval. To join our affiliate program you must have previously made a purchase from Protocol 3, for product demonstration on your social media accounts.

 Earn Commission from Protocol 3 Health & Wellness

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What is an Affiliate Program?

Simply put, an affiliate program is an agreement in which a business pays another business or influencer ("the affiliate") a commission for sending traffic and/or sales their way.

This can be achieved through web content, social media, or a product integration. The affiliate gets a unique link (an "affiliate link") from which clicks can be tracked -- typically using cookies or a code.

You will often come across the terms "cookie length" or "cookie life", which simply define how long the cookie will be tracking the user's online activity.

For example, if a cookie has a 30-day life, your referral needs to make a purchase within 30-days of clicking your affiliate link in order for you to get paid -- otherwise the lead will no longer be trackable unless you’ve provided a code to shop.

In conclusion, Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your social accounts especially when you don't sell products or services yourself as having the capital to start a business can be very expensive, Joining our affiliate program can get you exclusive access to new products and special deals for you and your audience -- all while earning you more money and receiving bonus’s for going above and beyond.

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* All Clients of Adapted Physiques Online will receive a 10-25% discount on select products.*